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People rarely create content in a vacuum, and we typically need to reference files or conversations outside a single workspace. It’s a disruptive process that invites distraction while toggling between tabs and tools.
With we combine AI with Microsoft Graph to deliver results directly into your workflow. Search is visually prominent across every Office app, fostering a consistent experience that brings contextual results before you even begin typing.
Current problem
Users are faced with multiple, distinct search experiences:

- Context and application-switching to find information
- Each entry point has a different search UX
- Results are partial, and inconsistent across applications
- One simple search across Microsoft 365 and your enterprise
- Search that’s consistent and familiar, from within any app you’re using
- Intelligent search that personalizes results to you and your work
- Ability to search from any device, anywhere
Search box adaption in Office app silhouette
We did a few rounds of visual iterations for locating the search box. After trying a range of solutions from the minimized icon to the centered input box, and learned from users about the discoverability. We eventually landed on the 468px input box, centered in the suit header.
We struggled between simplicity and discoverability.  But since search is also a supplement to short cut user flow and guide users among the complexity, we choose to promote it visually.
Contextual zero-query answers:
Our zero-query search means just that: there’s zero for you to do. The simple act of putting the cursor in the search bar surfaces relevant apps, content, and people based on past behavior.
Five types of core answers:
Our search results contains information related to people, files, sites, commands, and conversations. The search engine offers answers contextually so that users will see different but highly related answers cross Apps.
More search results showcase - The search result pane
We see this opportunity of enhancing productivity for modern information workers, who are familiar with the concept of online storage and sharing, using online collaboration in their daily work. We researched several rounds when kicking off the project. For all the teams we interviewed, it is their everyday practice to deal with remote working sessions and waiting for others(clients or teammates) to piece together the puzzle and push the job further.
Quick review for Search results task pane
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