The opportunity
Life for Chinese third graders is hard. Between classwork and homework, they easily spend more than 10 hours a day actively involved in formal education. “I don’t have time for fun, I need to study.” That’s how most Chinese children feel.
The FunLearning graphic interaction system transforms serious classrooms into playful learning environments – turning every touch into a curious and inquisitive learning opportunity.
Design Statement
Applying an interactive play learning system into a Chinese Elementary School environment will supplement the existing lecture format in classes with an environment where students can also explore and learn by themselves.
By using the school’s physical environment and students’ own items they bring to school, the system will enhance basic knowledge with visual information and physical interactive technology.
Visual design + Story telling
Students will discover connections with everyday objects that make classroom learning interesting. Learning becomes more fun, and students build critical thinking skills as they apply what they learn in school to real life situations.
What’s the relationship between a bee and a flashlight? Where do rainbows come from and where do they go? How many tomatoes does it take to light up a lightbulb?
With a simple touch, linear education disappears, and students learn to observe and explore in their every day lives.
This playful and interactive learning environment can transform the daily actions of students into a learning moment.
This system will help the students to explore and obtain knowledge, enhance their ability to communicate, cooperate, think creatively and problem solve through an interactive process.